The Value Create Team


1990 Joined Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.

Provided information to overseas sales bases and trading businesses at domestic institutional investor sales and overseas bases division in the financial fund administration department.

1995 Joined Warburg Investment Advisors Co., Ltd. (merger of Merrill Lynch and Investment Managers Co., Ltd., currently BlackRock Japan Co., Ltd.)Formed analysts for the internal operations team and operated Japanese domestic pension funds and investment trust funds. Resigned in 2004.

2014 Moved to Hong Kong with her husband.

2015 Joined Value Create Inc.


After learning the foundations of the Japanese stock market and the domestic institutional investor market as part of the sales team at a securities company, I worked for a Japanese Equity Large Scale Management Team at a UK-based management company and gained experience working as an analyst and fund manager.
In addition to examining corporate earnings, our team conducted important investigations by evaluating the ability of management to make investment decisions.
Having serious discussions with managers was the most exciting thing for me as a manager.
Also, having excellent management policies can be used as a lesson on how to live a better life and so I aim to do this on a daily basis.

I was able to spend time thinking about the stock market by changing my point of view while also spending time supporting my family.
By stepping back a little, I was able to view companies and markets in a different way which proved to be a valuable experience.
In addition, I agree with Value Create's vision and have been given the chance to improve the corporate value of Japanese companies from Hong Kong as well as dialogue with the market.
I want to maximize team power by conveying the power of Asia and further contribute to 'corporate value creation'.