The Value Create Team


1996 Joined Asahi Audit Firm.

From 2000 Transferred to Andersen Vietnam for 3 years and engaged in supporting Japanese Companies' start-up in Vietnam.

2003 Founded 'I-GLOCAL Group'.

Comprehensively supporting Japanese Companies launching in China and Asia and their local management.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia.


I founded my business in Vietnam and experienced both success and failure there.
I noticed that forcing employees to do things only one way would not lead to continuous achievement.
By following organization hierarchy, employees pretended to work, but they did not enjoy working.
I believe Japanese people and Japanese companies have inherent strengths.
In my opinion, in order to make use of these strengths, our management are required to match their viewpoint with employees in Vietnam.
Proper circulation of this concept is as follows:
Positive Enthusiasm (Organization Assets) ⇒Active participation (Human Assets) ⇒Content satisfaction (Client Assets)
Make use of clients' strengths and reach their goals. This is my mission in life.