The Value Create Team


1991 Joined Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
Mainly engaged in retail research at Investment Information Dept., IPO and equity debt financing at Underwriting Credit Evaluation Dept.

2000-2004 worked at Cyber Agent, Inc. As a senior manager, prepared IPO and was in charge of finance and accounting.

After stock offering, got involved in IR business as well.
While working at Cyberagent, Inc., contributed to Net Price Ltd.'s IPO. in the form of structual organization.

2004 -2006 Attended Manchester Business School in the UK and acquired an MBA.

After getting an MBA, she started a research business for corporations based in UK.

2011 Got involved in business with Value Create Inc.
2013 Became involved with Value Create on a full scale from the UK office.


I am excited to be involved in corporate growth and value creation.

It’s common to find something new or things that seem completely different by changing where we cast light on them or by seeing them from different angles.
It is my pleasure to contribute to value creation for those involved with Japanese companies by using my perspective from Europe.