What we Value


We respect the individual,
We draw out the potential of the individual
We believe in that potential,
We provide the best possible education,
We bring out individual abilities to the maximum,
And, as professionals, we continue to enhance value.

We draw out the potential of companies that are our clients,
We believe in that potential,
We provide the best possible service,
We bring out companies' abilities to the maximum,
And we continue to raise corporate value.

We draw out the potential of society and believe in its potential,
And by making the greatest contribution that we ourselves can,
We will continue to realize a positive society and a bountiful future.

We deeply love Japan and the world,
And we will continue to foster and spread their thinking, philosophy and culture.


  • Contrastive ValuesOur core values
  • Focus on mistakesFocus on positives
  • Company comes firstRespect each individual
  • Work is hardWork is exciting
  • Be specialistsBe professionals
  • DistrustTrust
  • Work comes firstBalance work with private life
  • Restriction and irresponsibilityFreedom and responsibility
  • Differentiate by gender・age・nationality・race・religionDon't differentiate by gender・age・nationality・race・religion
  • Conceal failureShare information
  • ClosedOpen
  • ColdStrict
  • Start big and hastilyStart small and slowly
  • Think in terms of 'A or B'Think in terms of 'A and B'

Code of Conduct

Think straight, talk straight(Speak your mind)
Japan is traditionally based on 'a-un breathing' (non-verbal communication) but this is changing.
We value free and active dialogue and it's important for our staff to be able to speak their mind.
The key word is 'courage'.
Keep challenging ourselves
We continue to face challenges until we deliver the outcome, by being passionate and courageous and by learning from mistakes.
Never give up!
Continuous improvement
We appreciate stimulation and enjoy continually enhancing our strengths, day by day.
Never be content!
Exceed expectations
As professionals, we improve together through a process of "think what is being expected, check, plan, act, review, and check again what is expected.”
The key word is 'continuation'.
Be proactive
We strive to be passionate.