Corporate Tools Production

We will make a company's invisible assets 'visible'.

Value Create's production service began in 2009.
Many consulting firms offer advice but do not offer a production service.
However, we have learned the importance of 'output'.

When management implements new actions, they must always communicate this to everyone.
Whether they create new ideas or systems, communicate their strategies to the market or communicate their thoughts on new products or services, 'output' is always involved.

Our creative team is closely linked with our management advisory service and they will help you to directly communicate your management's thoughts.
By making the 'invisible' visible, you will be able to make progress and be able to communicate your results.

The importance of making communication simple

Our creative staff have gained experience working in the field of advertising.
We can't say if their work is the best but advertising needs to communicate ideas in a limited space.
We will help you sort out your priorities and make what you need to communicate simple.

Work involving communicating corporate value is increasing

Many of our staff previously worked in advertising so of course we can help you with advertising products, but cases where people have chosen us to help communicate their corporate value are increasing.
Rather than placing an importance on impact, people understand that one of our strengths is making your intrinsic value visible.

We will not limit our output methods

We do not restrict ourselves to certain media.
We can create content in the form of graphics, websites, videos and more.
It's how you communicate your content i.e. what information you include and how you express it, rather than what media you use that is difficult.
We can produce videos, websites and many other forms of media and we will do so while using external staff to support us in order to provide you with the best possible service.


IR Tools
  • Integrated Reports/Annual Reports
  • Shareholders/Business Reports
  • Meeting Notices
  • Operations Reports
  • Contents production for investors
Recruiting Tools
  • Recruiting Sites
  • Recruiting Pamphlets
Branding Tools
  • Branding books
  • Credos
  • Corporate Sites
  • CI/VI
Other Advertising Tools
  • Newspaper ads
  • Magazine Ads
  • POP
  • Novelties
  • Video Production