Our Overseas-based Services

We design corporate value in Asia and all over the world.

It is not only in Japan where ‘invisible assets’ are the source to strengthen a company and correct corporate communication can be achieved by making invisible assets visible. In Asia, no, in fact all over the world, we want to spread Value Create’s framework and way of thinking and contribute to society. This is our common goal and our challenge.

Overseas research from the UK and Hong Kong

We have research partners in the UK and Hong Kong.
With many Japanese companies involved in globalization, there is an increasing need for research with requests such as, "We want you to research foreign companies because we want to form partnerships with them," "We want to develop business in Asia so we want you to research the business environment there," "We want you to conduct research on rival global companies and analyze our competitive power."
Our research plan is based on the needs of the client company through 'dialogues' with managers. We then conduct the research project by using our own global professional network. Our research outcome is delivered directly to top management to help in making decisions.