Our Range of Investment

We will create corporate value in the form of 'investment'

Although it is by no means large scale, we offer our own range of 'investment'.
Whether it is angel investment (investing in startup companies), investment in management, public company investment, foreign company investment, etc., the goals and forms of investment may vary, but the common factor is that we want to be on the same page as each company we invest in.

Commitment to corporate value creation

When we commit to corporate value creation, we will invest in your company as much as we can.
We believe in long-term investment rather than the stock option of only sharing success and we want to share the pain of falling stock prices as well as the joy of increasing stock prices.
This applies to all companies whether they are a venture company or a company with more than a hundred years of history.

Overseas investment

'Overseas' has become an investment theme in recent years. There are many things that you can learn from investing.
This can be very useful for other businesses such as management advice, IR advice and corporate tools production.
We want to support companies with value and invest in them from a global perspective, rather than just a domestic one.

Main overseas investments
  • MYDO 上海満意多
We want to contribute to the diversification of asset management companies

We will invest in good management more than the field of investment.
However, looking from the perspective of the value creation of Japanese companies, we continue to carry out long-term investment in Commons Asset Management and independent asset management companies.
Using our original investment philosophy and techniques, we believe that having constructive dialogue between asset management companies that attract talented personnel and reluctant Japanese companies can lead to the value creation of Japanese companies.