The Value Create Team


1974 Born in Shin-Minato City, Toyama prefecture.

1997 Joined a jewelry company and engaged in route sales.

1999 Gained experience in a sales promotion planning company in the beauty industry, a cosmetics marketing site operating company and a plate making and printing company.
Consistently engaged in planning sales and production business in both paper and web media.

2008 Transferred to an IR supporting company and engaged in producing cooperate communication tools as a production director and planner.

He then became an independent contractor.
November 2014 Became a Value Create Partner.


I joined Value Create in 2014 as I agreed with its sense of values and behavioral criteria.
I'd just turned 40 and discovering Value Create Inc. coincided with when I started moving forward to the next stage of my life.

There are various colorful professionals at Value Create Inc.
While on the surface my working style might not appear “flashy”, but, like a typical person from Toyama, I will not give up and will contribute to the value creation of our customers through consistent dialogue and commitment to excellence.