The Value Create Team

アイマン ・ フサイニ ・ イルシャド Aiman Husainy Irsyad

After graduating from the Jakarta, Institute of The Arts in 2011, He worked as a freelancer for a year, creating various Graphic Design projects.

In 2012, while freelancing, He taught graphic design as part-time lecturer at Bunda Mulia University's Graphic Design Department.

In 2013, He joined BD+A Design’s Indonesia Trend Forecasting and Graphics Department.

He moved to Japan to study Japanese in 2016.

In March 2020, He graduated from the Tokyo School of Business with a degree in management.

In April 2020, he joined Value Create.


Starting to live in a new environment taught me to be more open-minded and see things from a different perspective. For me, having a wide and new point of view is certainly a challenge. And it is something that I always want to improve.

I am thankful for having the opportunity to be part of a new culture that is completely different from my homeland. Gaining a new perspective, values, skills, and also new Design knowledge. This experience made me to set my ego aside and to hear out and understand other people’s opinions and perspectives, even though it is contradicting to my own. For that reason, I believe that every individual has value if we start to appreciate their way of thinking.