The Value Create Team

Shigeru Itoh

2007 After graduating from the Faculty of Arts and Design at Kyushu Sangyo University, joined a commercial photography production company and was in charge of direction and public relations there.

2010 Joined an agency in Tokyo as a designer and sales representative. Produced sales promotion tools for electronics and apparel manufacturing companies, sales goods, sales booths for stores, etc.

Later worked as a manager at a company where he was involved in store management.

December 2018 Joined Value Create.


Having interacted with many people so far through work and life in general, the thing that is most important to me is 'understanding the situation'.
This means not randomly guessing or inferring, but organizing and confirming the essence and important points of things and making them clear.
I do not like misunderstandings and disagreements, as well as unfortunate endings.

I believe that experiencing new things will make our lives more prosperous.
Without destroying my intellectual curiosity, I want to aim for a new horizon, gain more experience and constantly 'update' myself.