Announcement of the 3rd Basic Report Award Results

Announcement of the 3rd Basic Report Award Results

In the collaboration with analysts and fund managers Akira Sato respects, the Basic Report Award was held to recognize outstanding and insightful analyst reports from the perspective of corporate value.

The award results are as follows.

【First place】
Ryosuke Katsura, Takeru Hanaya, Shinnosuke Tokumoto, Fumio Osanai
「Canon:Even the Mighty Fall: Whale Stuck in Shrinking Pools」
(August 2020)

鮫島誠一郎, 吉田正夫, 倉橋延巨, 柳平孝, 三村恭祥, 永田昌寿, 甲斐友美子
(April, 2020)
(English report is not published.)

Tomohiro Tanaka, Ryosuke Katsura, Yu Sato, Shinnosuke Tokumoto, Takeru Hanaya
「Medtech: Japan Firms Lead Bio-CDMO Charge:Growth through Compartmentalization」
(October 2020)

Masahiro Nakanomyo, Yasuhiro Azuma, others
Data Center Investment/Memory Demand: Post-COVID Acceleration
(March, 2020)

Masashi Morita
Game and Leisure Industry「Moving Toward Digital First –Third-stage of Digital Transformation–」
(March 2020)

ドラッグストア業界 「嵐の前の静けさ? ~ドラッグストア業界の再編加速の可能性 「都市型・化粧品強化・カウンセリング重視型」の復権と大規模再編の行方」
(July 2019)
(English report is not published.)

【Academic award】
Naoki Mikami
「“Post MBO Metamorphose” as a re-growth strategy」
(March 2020)

【Judge’s special award】
(April 2020)
(English report is not published.)

Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. and Japan Investor Relations and Investor Support, Inc
「Quarterly capital markets report」

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